Elixir Vitae & Temples of Humankind
September 21 - 27 | Damanhur, Italy

Thy Queendom/ Kingdom come our golden ones, as we welcome you to the Royal Retreat on this Solar Gateway of the September Equinox.

Temples of Humankind

In the magickal lands of the Great Rites, there was once a time where powerful rituals were enacted to sustain the physical body to return to its most heavenly form. These rites were practised in sacred places in the world such as Atlantis, Ancient Kemet (Egypt), the Himalayas, the mounts in the Middle East and also in the underground caves in Italy.

In this 6 Day immersion, you will be walked through the golden gates of the ancient past as the past entwines with the ascending spiral for the New Golden Age of Gaia. Imagination meets creation as a tribute to the Heart of Humanity’s story allowing you to open up deeper into the beauty of the Temples, dedicated to the history of our ancestors.

Here, ancient underground Temples, meet open Earth Temples, Ritual Circles, Standing Stones and Healing Spirals. The language of the Universe becomes reflected as Horus, the great Cosmic Son/ Sun. Through this sacred solar portal of the equinox, we invite you to come journey with us to the ineffable Temples of Humankind to envision and directly experience a new future for humanity.

“Sacred Sedona is like stepping into another realm where nature presents a spectacular canvas painted by the gods”

Sananda & Shekinah Kryst – Retreat Leaders

Nestled in the alpine foothills north of the ancient Druid Lands, there lies a special little gem called Damanhur.

Damanhur is a magical space that was inspired by the vision that Humanity can attain Golden Age Wisdom and live within the alchemical cycles of the Earth Mother. This is a precious opportunity for spiritual enrichment to go deep within the caves and caverns of your unconscious and unveil past lives that can assist you in this one.

To experience Damanhur is to walk through past, present and future as it converges all in one moment of reveal. The ancient mysteries and forgotten wisdom of great civilizations coalesce within the sacred temples to birth a communion between the New and the Old in perfect synergy, harmony and deep honoring for what has been to make way for what shall be.

The Temples of Humankind are like time capsules, where the ancient past meets our future destiny
Elixir Vitae

The Elixirs are designed to open up the channels for greater expression of the Eternal Life to move through the body. Alchemized into a liquefied essence, these Elixirs are ancient formulas that have been brought back, from antediluvian times, to assist with spiritual enlightenment and the embodiment of supreme consciousness. These profound Elixirs have left a mystical trail throughout the ages and have been alchemized only by the high adepts of secret spiritual orders.

Many advanced ancient traditions have left myths and legends about these holy Elixirs. The Himalayan Immortals called it Amrita. The ancient Greeks spoke of it as Ambrosia. The deathless Taoists shared it as Universal Medicine. King Solomon encoded it to the alchemists as the Philosopher’s Stone. In Ancient Kemet, the Gods & Goddesses named it as The Elixir of Life.

Since these Elixirs have been brought forth in preparation for the Golden Age by the great Immortal linages to help in the mastery of one’s consciousness, they may be the most profound and celestial substance that is available in our modern times.

As the Golden Age is ushered in, The Elixirs of Life may prove to be integral to bring forth the new human template and unleash the light at the core of one’s being. The absolute truth is slowly becoming available to all, as it is the birthright of humankind to have the right to explore the immeasurable quality inherent within one’s own Divine consciousness.

Luxury Castle Accommodation & Packages
The modern Castle of Vistaterra is where nature, science and beauty meet up to create an ideal, sustainable world that respects the planet and people, where everything is done according to environmentally friendly, supporting growth and social wellbeing.

Vistaterra is a completely sustainable historic residence, where the origin and secrets of quality food and wine can be explored, somewhere to spend leisure time, do sport, learn, discover or simply enjoy contact with nature.

A place for experience and unique moments, that have their roots deep in local history and culture and, at the same, take visitors into a possible, future world that fully respects the environment and people.

You will discover corners of an enchanted place, renovated with care and love to return it to the territory, telling a story of sustainability, recovery and respect for traditions.

Deluxe Castle Room

Elegant and warm atmospheres, the deluxe rooms are spacious and overlook the enchanting Vistaterra park, to start the day with new emotions. Furnishings with contemporary design and equipped with every comfort for a charming stay, all rooms are double and have a king size bed or Twin bed. The floors are made of hand-worked oak, while the precious furnishings and delicate colors create a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The large bathroom has a double sink and a shower with marble and mosaics, for a pleasant wellness experience.

Private Castle Suite

Spacious and contemporary in design, the view suites have sweeping views of the green park of Vistaterra, the Serra di Ivrea and the romantic village of Colleretto Giacosa. The spacious rooms of over 80 m² have warm wooden floors and are furnished with contemporary design pieces. They feature a king-size double bed, a living area with sitting rooms and conversation tables, and a work area with a table and designer lamps. The separate wardrobe area leads to the spacious bathroom, overlooking the courtyards, with a copper tub and a shower with precious mosaics.

Sleep in the Aura of the Temples of Humankind

The Abaton, the energetic aura of the Temples of Humankind will inspire your dreams and help you restore your well-being. Let energy and art lull you to sleep, and evoke useful dreams for your life.

If you would like to spend more time in the energy of the temples and with the Masters, Shekinah & Sananda are offering a deeper initiation into the ancient practices of inner alchemy.

They will be guiding you through a four day and three night portal of deep karmic clearing inside the Temples of Humankind. This is an additional offering after the Royal Equinox Retreat for participants only.

Limited to 10 participants only. Additional costs will apply.

Museum Tour and the Lands of Mount Musinè

Egyptian Museum

Journey to the modern Egyptian museum of Turino where the largest collection of one of the most powerful deities of all time is displayed. This is an opportunity to connect with the valley of the Gods as one of the most powerful displays of Sekmet (Lion Goddess of Healing) create an energy portal to remember your past lives.

Monte Musinè

A legend says that Fetonte, the god descended from the sky to whom the origin of the megalithic city of Rama is attributed in the Druidic traditions, forged a large wheel with the gold of his celestial chariot. The gold wheel was entirely perforated, an in it he enclosed all the knowledge of the Shan. The Druidic tradition preserved this ancient symbol and even today it is possible to trace legends and archaeological remains from Piedmont that recall the mythical gold wheel considered a cult object in Celtic cultures. The lands of Mount Musinè and Rocciamelone were considered to have possessed the secrets of alchemy and Metals well before any other civilisation did.

Retreat Facilitators


With open arms and loving hearts, we welcome you home to the supernal abode within you.

Retreat Facilitators


With open arms and loving hearts, we welcome you home to the supernal abode within you.

Retreat Outline
  • Sacred Elixir Vitae Ceremonies – The Elixir Vitaes are ancient alchemical crystalline formulas that produce deep states of awareness and supreme healing for the unconscious mind, physical, mental, emotional body and spirit. These Royal Initiation ceremonies will be held on the night of the Equinox and on one other evening of the retreat.
  • Temples of Humankind – private tours and meditations into the incredible temples that house profound alchemic frequencies to support higher attunements to consciousness and the cleansing of karma.
  • Sacred Sciences and Inner Alchemy Practices – Receive direct initiation into the holy sciences of inner alchemy and instructions on how to enter transcendental states of consciousness through self-sourcing practices.
  • Divine Embodiment Activations – throughout the journey, there will be personal and group activation treatments taking place with the land and the guardians of the powerful vortexes.
  • Equinox Initiations – Through the portal of the September Equinox, the sun becomes completely balanced in the zodiac, allowing deeper internal activations to be achieved through inner alchemic practices.
  • Sacred Union Codes – Being in the presence of the Shekinah and Sananda’s TwinRay energy field enact codes of supreme Union of one’s self and create preparation for a beloved mate of the soul, or twin flame relationship.
  • Merging with Powerful Synchronic Lines – Each synchronic line represents a different galactic path of energy that unifies through our central sun and out into higher universal energies. These synchronic lines hold the frequencies that one requires to move into higher levels of consciousness.
  • Morning Movement and Yoga Opportunities – To help integrate and in support of the vibrations there will be opportunities for daily movement either in a group container or while taking personal space.
  • Walking the Labyrinths and Enchanted Forests – The awe-inspiring lands and labyrinths of Damanhur allow one to realign with spirit through the body temple to create an opening of your field to connect with the Heavens of the Earth.
  • Connection with Natures Elemental Heavens – These sacred lands in Damanhur is teaming with elemental spirits and many mystical beings that are guardians to the lands and temples.
  • Daily Gourmet Organic Healthy Meals – There will be healthy organic gourmet meals served daily to support and nourish your body and vitalise your mind.
  • Manifestation Upgrades – Abundance upgrades to assist in the recalibration of one’s ability to receive not only financial energy but the energy of love, compassion, kindness and heart and soul opening in order to ignite your mission and soul’s purpose

Royal Equinox Retreat

Elixir Vitae & Temples of Humankind

IODP In Action:


In the spirit of the Equinox, a percentage of all proceeds will be going towards our philanthropic project to help safeguard the White Lions and their native lands.

To find out more about our IODP in Action visit here

IODP In Action:


In the spirit of the Equinox, a percentage of all proceeds will be going towards our philanthropic project to help safeguard the White Lions and their native lands.

To find out more about IODP in Action visit here

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