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Welcome, beloveds, to our philanthropic heart portal, TwinRay Illuminations.

TwinRay Illuminations and the Innerversity of Divine Perfection (IODP) is a registered 501c, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to philanthropic causes near and dear to the hearts of The Masters, Sananda and Shekinah.


Our mission is to share our spiritual and monetary gifts with humanity, to facilitate the end of human suffering.

Through our World Service Projects, we aim to provide a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, peace, wellness and courage amongst the great tribes of the world as humanity awakens to the golden age of consciousness.


We are deeply honoured to have brought our very first planetary project focus to fruition.

The Temple is the divine space where the Masters, Sananda and Shekinah, hold sacred satsang, profound healings, private ascendantship sessions and elixir ceremonies.

The Temple serves as the golden thread that connects all religions and belief systems into one unified presence of grace, acceptance and love. It serves as a holding container for exponential growth on all dimensions of consciousness.

The Temple is overlit by the Masters to serve the community, lands and oceans through anchoring in pillars of light and working with the harmonics of the Earth. A crystalline grid system has been set up within the property that permeates the neighbouring lands and energetically activates and connects with the hidden pyramids known to few around the world.

Charity Focuses

Help Save the White Lions – Only 13 left in the Wild

A Plea to Safeguard the White Lions and their native lands

With only 13 White Lions in the wild and Under 300 White Lions left in captivity today, more then ever this rare sacred species needs your help. In Africa over 90% of all Lions have had there land taken from them, as a result they have been forced to survive on only one-fifth of the land they inhabited few decades ago. At this rate if humanity does not step up to protect the sacred lion race there will not be any lions left in the wild in 20 years time.

Sacred Activism Global Transmissions

We are passionately inspired to offer the collective opportunity to be apart of IODP Sacred Activism Mission in service to Humanity and Mother Earth. Our intention is to bring together millions of people around the world to join in synchronised global meditation, prayer and remote energy transference.

Through the power of meditation and prayer when large numbers of people come together in group coherence, together they can create a remote energy transference to offset and impact the collective human consciousness in a remarkable lasting way. 

All of the collective upheaval and natural disasters that are seen today as Earth and Humanity go through their rebirthing cycles, is a direct reflection of the karma being processed through the outdated collective belief systems and polarised Earth grids that are currently crumbling. 

Until Humanity changes the way they think, act and treat one another these purification rites for Humanity will still occur throughout Earth, however, once humanity fully wakes up to their connection with the planet and each other then a New Earth can truly be born.

This type of divine service as sacred activism tends to go unseen from the public eye, however, it’s results are highly potent and play a crucial role in assisting the Earths changes and humanities shift of consciousness.

Our work together in sacred activism is so significant as it assists in the emancipation of humanities suffering and accelerates the emergence of a more loving human consciousness, whilst anchoring stability and harmony to the Earth as the old grid structure continues to dissolve. 

How does it work?

There are extensive bodies of science that support and validate the positive effects of group meditation, collective prayer and good intentional awareness on places or situations of war, conflict, epidemics and social trauma.

Through the power of meditation and prayer, our one coherent field and collective focus provide a positive energy transmission that acts as a conduit for Divine Intervention in times of planetary need.

All that wish to be apart of this Divinely Willed Mission of Sacred Activism come to greater states of awakened consciousness that purify, transform and heal all dealings that occur on a planetary disaster level. Together we connect in and utilize the Morphogenetic Field and Crystalline Grid System of Earth, which amplifies and multiples our group focus for healing and harmony.

Resembling a spiritual “wireless global internet system”, this multidimensional network of light, greatly servers as a telepathic and etheric structure that connects all users to a highly tuned crystalline consciousness anywhere in the world.

With our benevolent and collectively joint intent, our energetic unification has the potentiality to heal, transform and unify humanity together as one field capable of serving the world.

To increase the influence of our unified activist energy container, we summon through words of power and sacred mantra, higher consciousness support systems that assures our collective missions is in complete alignment with Divine Order and in service to the Divine Plan.

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Charity Focuses
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