A Plea to Safeguard the White Lions and their native lands
A Call to clean our oceans and protect the Great Cetaceans
Empower their learning and awakening journey
World Service Projects

Welcome Dear Ones to this philanthropic heart portal where the Divine Destiny of Planetary Service is that of Global Gifting in allegiance with Shekinah’s and Sananda’s Public Charity; TwinRay Illuminations. Through the eyes and heart of the One Supreme Source, they share their spiritual and monetary gifts and teachings in great abundance with humanity upon this profound planet of change. Their mission and purpose through their World Service Projects is to bring about a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, peace, wellness and courage amongst the great tribes of the world as humanity awakens to the Golden Age of Consciousness.

Father Sananda and Mother Shekinah’s philanthropic calling is to bring awareness to saving and preserving the holy species of the White Lions and their native lands. They endeavor to initiate projects to clean up the oceans and protect underwater master beings such as the sacred cetaceans (whales & dolphins). The lives of the children coming into the Earth is also a great passion for Shekinah and Sananda and they know the immeasurable value in creating and gifting programs for the New Children of the world designed to activate their spiritual talents, bring them into balance and harmony with themselves and all sentient life around them. The Masters also wish to forward on global healing sessions to the beloved ones that are in need of support physically and spiritually and will be providing a Sacred Sanctuary by building a Self Sustainable Luxury Haven designed for the Advancement of Consciousness, Human Longevity and Spiritual Liberation. The building of the Sanctuary will offer a place to Continually advocate Sacred Activism in the moments of planetary need when unforeseen circumstances arise as our planet continues to evolve, shift and purge through her cycles of change.

Charity Focuses
TwinRay Temple is Here

IODP is deeply honoured to announce that our very first planetary project focus has come to fruition in record time and has been anchored in the location of Southern California. The TwinRay Miracle Temple is a the Divine Space where Mother Shekinah and Father Sananda hold free Sacred Satsang (wisdom teachings), group meditations, profound healings, private client sessions and Sacred Elixir Of Life Ceremonies. TheTwinRay Temple serves as the golden thread that connects all religions and belief systems into ONE golden unified presence of grace, inner-standing and love.

Mother Shekinah and Father Sananda have manifested and opened this sacred temple space to be a holding container for exponential growth on all dimensions of consciousness. They bring forth Divine initiations to those who are ready to receive the ancient wisdom, provide free instant healings and bring forth miracles for the many.

The TwinRay Miracle Temple is over-lit by the Unified TwinRay presence of Shekinah and Sananda to serve the community, lands and oceans through anchoring in pillars of light and working with the harmonics of the Earth. A crystalline grid system has been set up within the property that permeates the neighbouring lands and energetically activates and connects with the hidden pyramids known to few around the world… to read more click here

If you feel called to be involved or donate towards the sustaining of the Miracle Temple in California please donate here

Help Save the White Lions – Only 13 left in the Wild

A Plea to Safeguard the White Lions and their native lands

With only 13 White Lions in the wild and Under 300 White Lions left in captivity today, more then ever this rare sacred species needs your help. In Africa over 90% of all Lions have had there land taken from them, as a result they have been forced to survive on only one-fifth of the land they inhabited few decades ago. At this rate if humanity does not step up to protect the sacred lion race there will not be any lions left in the wild in 20 years time.

Help Clean up our Ocean

A Call to clean our oceans and protect the Great Cetaceans

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean. Every year, millions of pounds of plastic and trash enter the ocean creating a dangerous and even deadly environment for some of the world’s largest and most loved creatures; the whales and dolphins. 69% of whale species have been recorded ingesting marine plastic, 5 of 13 species of great whales are listed as endangered and plastic Entanglement is a leading cause of whale and dolphin deaths.

Help the Learning & Awakening of Children

Unify to support and empower the next generation for a brighter future.

With over 353,000 children born each day many are souls who have come to Earth with a mission to transform the collective density to higher consciousness. In these transformational times, children need support systems and environments to empower their learning and awakening journey.

Healings for Humanity

Gifting it forward to support beloved souls in need

Vibrant health, eternal love, Joy and freedom from physical and emotional pain and degeneration are your birthright, and yet not everyone can afford to embark on such a journey. Observing the suffering that Humanity is experiencing, Shekinah & Sananda feel the heart calling to gift forward monthly remote healings for all beloved hearts in need of divine intervention.

This opportunity is being offered in service to those beloved souls who are unable to journey to the Miracle House and meet the masters in person. This service is truly for those who can not afford to send financial reciprocity but have paid in great service to their fellow brothers and sisters in many ways throughout their lives.

If your heart has spent much time in service to others, then please apply here to be placed on the waiting list where a remote healing transmission will be performed on you. You will be notified when chosen with a day and time with which to lay down and receive.

For those blessed souls who have received God’s abundance of financial prosperity and fortunate ones who feel the calling to pay it forward and feel called to donate for a Divine Soul in need, you are to know that your name shall be placed in a special list where your energy signature will also be worked on to open for more miracles, healing, and greater abundance to unfold as well.

By sharing of yourself and God’s fortune in this manner, your field will expand, receive and transmit more love to allow greater abundance into the many aspects of your life.

Apply here to be placed on the waiting list where a remote healing transmission will be performed on you. You will be notified when chosen with a day and time with which to lay down and receive.

To ‘pay it forward’ for a divine soul in need of an instant healing session please donate here:

Sacred Activism Global Transmissions

We are passionately inspired to offer the collective opportunity to be apart of IODP Sacred Activism Mission in service to Humanity and Mother Earth. Our intention is to bring together millions of people around the world to join in synchronised global meditation, prayer and remote energy transference.

Through the power of meditation and prayer when large numbers of people come together in group coherence, together they can create a remote energy transference to offset and impact the collective human consciousness in a remarkable lasting way. 

All of the collective upheaval and natural disasters that are seen today as Earth and Humanity go through their rebirthing cycles, is a direct reflection of the karma being processed through the outdated collective belief systems and polarised Earth grids that are currently crumbling. 

Until Humanity changes the way they think, act and treat one another these purification rites for Humanity will still occur throughout Earth, however, once humanity fully wakes up to their connection with the planet and each other then a New Earth can truly be born.

This type of divine service as sacred activism tends to go unseen from the public eye, however, it’s results are highly potent and play a crucial role in assisting the Earths changes and humanities shift of consciousness.

Our work together in sacred activism is so significant as it assists in the emancipation of humanities suffering and accelerates the emergence of a more loving human consciousness, whilst anchoring stability and harmony to the Earth as the old grid structure continues to dissolve. 

How does it work?

There are extensive bodies of science that support and validate the positive effects of group meditation, collective prayer and good intentional awareness on places or situations of war, conflict, epidemics and social trauma.

Through the power of meditation and prayer, our one coherent field and collective focus provide a positive energy transmission that acts as a conduit for Divine Intervention in times of planetary need.

All that wish to be apart of this Divinely Willed Mission of Sacred Activism come to greater states of awakened consciousness that purify, transform and heal all dealings that occur on a planetary disaster level. Together we connect in and utilize the Morphogenetic Field and Crystalline Grid System of Earth, which amplifies and multiples our group focus for healing and harmony.

Resembling a spiritual “wireless global internet system”, this multidimensional network of light, greatly servers as a telepathic and etheric structure that connects all users to a highly tuned crystalline consciousness anywhere in the world.

With our benevolent and collectively joint intent, our energetic unification has the potentiality to heal, transform and unify humanity together as one field capable of serving the world.

To increase the influence of our unified activist energy container, we summon through words of power and sacred mantra, higher consciousness support systems that assures our collective missions is in complete alignment with Divine Order and in service to the Divine Plan.

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Golden Sanctuary
Self Sustainable Luxury Haven designed for the Advancement of Consciousness, Human Longevity and Spiritual Liberation.

The vision is to build a Golden Sanctuary one where nature and conscious architecture unify to support the secret Teachings of Genetic Liberation that Mother Shekinah and Father Sananda are here to reveal and share with humanity. The Golden sanctuary will occupy approx 100 acres of land where 50% will be reserved for Lush Lands and Exotic Gardens, 25% for Sustainable Architecture, Evolved Eco Housing and Community Living, 25% for Organic permaculture and renewable energy stations.

The Golden community will be built in a particular location, where the air and life force energy is the purest and concentrated. People are known to live much longer life spans on Earth in these high vibrational environments.

Each space within the Golden Gates will host a specific vibration and frequency for the upliftment and unification of humanity.

The predominant “Masters Teachings of Liberation” will be supported by special areas on premises such as: Temples for meditation and prayer dance, Zen Mountain Pavilions for yoga and chi gong, Eco Mystery School for acceleration of Consciousness, Open Auditorium to perform mass group healings, Vitality Centres for integrative/bliss treatments, GeoTea Huts for traditional healing tea rituals, Crystal Pyramids for Energy Transmissions and built-in musical Ascension Chambers for Elixir of Life Ceremonies.

This Golden Sanctum will be a home for brand new and truly extraordinary spiritual technologies that hold a golden thread from the most ancient and antediluvian to the most advanced, and even secretly developed engineering created for the Golden Age. As the sanctuary build out progresses, the aforementioned technology shall be revealed in phases.

This Luxury Haven will be a place for students to learn and live the secret teachings of liberation, while supported and guided by the sacred presence of Sananda & Shekinah.

This will be a community where organic foods from the lands will be blessed and prepared in service to God and offered freely to all residents and guests. This sanctuary will feel like a “coming home” to all who enter this Heavenly field of consciousness.

In conjunction with the teachings of liberation, the ancient traditions of Solar Rejuvenation and Lunar Absorption will be practised according to the level of consciousness and spiritual advancement of each Student. There will be many empowering teachings shared on purification of both consciousness and the physical body to initiate health, vitality and self-healing regeneration. For example, sanctuary guests and residents will learn how to properly sanctify the eating experience to aid in proper digestion and functionality and will learn to calibrate the exact amount of food information that they require by a divine food matching system brought forth by Shekinah and Sananda.

To ensure the highest amounts of consciousness integration, each beloved guest and student will have the opportunity to experience spiritual recreational areas, a full spa and retreat facility, specifically designed for cellular regeneration and Human Longevity.

Accompanied by glorious gardens of the most exotic plant life and healing flowers, there will be acres of divine food organically grown blessed and sustained by devoted hands who serve the God within all.

The architectural structure of the golden sanctuary will be reminiscent of the ancient temples from the previous golden ages and will represent each of the alchemical processes of both the cosmic and physical body that students will learn occurs during genetic liberation.

There will be “X-Men” style school built for those willing to further embody their spiritual gifts and scholarship programs will be available for ascendants who enter this dedicated life path with devotional hearts.

One of the rarest opportunities within this future Golden Sanctuary will be to partake in crystalline ceremonial practices and experience the venerated Alchemic Elixirs of Life.

These secretly hidden formulas were known to the Greek gods as Ambrosia, the Himalayan deities as Amarita to the Egyptian gods as the immortal elixir pre Lumerian and Atlantean in the cycle of the last Golden Age by only the High Pharaoh and Pharaohesses. As ambassadors for the Golden Age, Sananda and Shekinah have been entrusted with this alchemy as it has been given dispensation by the immortal Maharishis to begin to reveal in small doses to those with World Service missions for the unfolding golden age…

As the new gatekeepers for the Golden Elixirs, and as per the Cosmic law of Expediency it is only to be offered to adepts whose consciousness has activated to a certain degree and whose body is prepared to hold that amount of light. In order for this to be manifested, A full lab space will be created for the Sacred elixirs and will be built on-premise and fully alchemized by Sananda and Shekinah themselves.

Upon the lands of the sanctuary, all re-legions and faiths will be honoured, thus creating a golden thread of truth between all past and present realities interwoven as a rainbow bridge into the New Golden Aeon coding of unity and oneness between all.

All religions will be revealed to exemplify that God is the one in many. This sanctuary will be a living prototype to support the ascending Krystal spiral of consciousness that is midwifing Humanity’s next root race – the Homo Luminous – The Enlightened Human.

If you feel called to support this Planetary Service Project in helping us usher in The Golden Sanctuary, thus becoming a sponsor and integral part of this grand journey please contribute below or email Sananda & Shekinah at [email protected]

Charity Focuses
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