The Life Blood of the Earth
A Call to Clean Our Oceans and
Protect the Great Cetaceans

Thriving ocean water with healthy Oceanic Life is an integral part of the delicate balance of the Ecosystems here on Earth. The Oceans are teeming with majestic life forms, such as Wales, master mammals such as Dolphins and many other life-affirming creatures of the sea.

The awe-inspiring sight of a whale floating atop of the ocean waves, the playful frolics of a dolphin possessing the ability to comfort a child with autism, assist in curing depression and supporting a pregnant mother has endeared and brought wonder to adults and children all over the world. The technicolour spectrum below the sea is an extraordinary array of moving art and is truly unrivalled in nature.

Its Time to Clean Up Humanity’s Mess

The Oceans are home to over 650,000 species of sentient life. They are an essential aspect to the sustainability of Humankind. Not only are the oceans enchanting and awe-inspiring to observe and enjoy a swim or a boat ride. The Oceans provide jobs, food for non-Vegans- over 90% of the world and oxygen that it generates.

Yet, somehow, our Oceans manage to be hosting pollution at record numbers. It is estimated that 12 MILLION metric tons of waste and plastic make their way to the oceans per year. To put that number in perspective, that amounts to one garbage truckload of waste/trash every minute. For those of us with the knowing of what this actually means for the livelihood of the planet and ALL life forms, this is heartbreaking. This signifies that 97 % of our planet’s livable habitat is infested with trash and deadly poisonous and at times sun-infused, melted plastic that merges with the sacred waters that sustain life upon the Earth. Recently, plastic has even been found underneath the IceCaps in the Arctic Ocean and the

The ramification to Our beloved Ocean Life is heart-wrenching. And of course, logic may follow that this same poison will likely end up on the plate of food that sustains you, whether vegan or vegetarian- eating Kelp and other vegetation, or whether one’s palette and culture is that of a fish and seafood eater. The end result and great concern is that sooner than later, It is inevitable that this incredible pollution WILL AFFECT ALL beings on our sacred planet.

Why We Must Act Now

Plastic pieces small and large, create rips and tears and clogging in the little stomachs of sea animals, who mistake it for food and then choke and often times die from internal implosion and poisoning

Due to Unsustainable Fishing Rings, Large Corporations unyielding use of fossil fuels that make plastic, the dangers that ocean life is facing is chilling, as habitats are being destroyed and endangered species are becoming extinct. This is another contributing factor in Ocean Acidification and Scientists say that The wave of extinction facing ocean Life in the coming centuries could rival the ice age.

There are many more man-made threats impacting these animals, including:

  • Ingestion of ocean plastic
  • Entanglement inactive or discarded fishing gear
  • Coastal development in essential habitats
  • Increasing noise levels from shipping
  • Activities in the oil and gas industry as well as the military
  • Additional threats to the abundance and distribution of prey species
  • Increasing numbers of captive dolphins
  • The looming impacts of a changing climate
The Spiritual Significance of
these Sacred Cetaceans:

Spiritually, sentient master life forms such as the wales and other mystical underwater creatures, lift the frequencies and light quotient of the Earth and represent the traversing through the celestial spheres to unlock the heart and open the book of life that leads the path to the higher self. The Wale and dolphin songs help to open one’s voice and expression in life and in Love.

Its time to take action and clean up the lifeblood of the planet

Help us return the sacred waters back to their pristine nature so the precious life under the sea can once again live in harmony in their home.

With Your Donations Our Mission is to

Defend, conserve and protect our oceans, whales & Dolphins

Supporting and partnering with marine conservation organisation that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

Threats to the health of our ocean ecosystems

Our oceans and its inhabitants are dying from overfishing and habitat destruction. Poachers plunder marine life sanctuaries with impunity, and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing goes unchecked in the high seas far from public scrutiny.

Supporting Sea Sheperad to enforce laws protecting our oceans

International and national laws protecting the world’s oceans are difficult to enforce. Sea Shepherd uses direct action to defend marine life on the high seas and works with national authorities to tackle illegal fishing in sovereign waters.

Support Ocean Clean up to remove 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean

The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Full-Scale deployment of their systems is estimated to clean up 50 % of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every 5 years.

For any further questions or support towards this noble cause please fill out below:
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