Help awaken and empower the next generation for a brighter future
Star Children History

Since the 1950’s wayshower souls have been entering the Earth plane to help create new societies based on service and truth. These children come into the world holding sacred gifts that are inherent to their makeup and characteristics. These gifts are often considered metaphysical or supernatural when in fact, they are most natural and are brought forth to illuminate the human-race: making the impossible possible. Some of these gifts may be considered less conventional to many who do not have the knowing of the significance that these children bring to the Evolution for the Earth. Many of the children have the ability to pierce through the veils of the physical dimensions and are able to be telepathic, work with subtle energies, and thus may exhibit special healing gifs, communication with electromagnetic waves and exhibit amazing psychic abilities.

Why is it Important to Help the Star Children?

Awakening to a MultiDimensional reality in a world where few people have to tools to understand the special needs of these children, they may feel unsupported, unable to express themselves and may turn to other modes of experience such as drugs and alcohol and even develop learning disabilities because their subtle energies are unable to be refined and their gifts honed.

Thousands of years ago in sacred illumined communities children once born were immediately placed in special groups where their Star Charts were read by great master Elders in the community and their gifts and life path known from birth. These groups with like souls were then educated together forming a great support system that empowered them to be able to live their Dharma from a very early age.

Our Vision

In the future, establishing star children schools and birth care facilities for these beloved children, will give them a true reflection of their sacred souls’ mission and allow them an entire alliance of beings with like missions and similar gifts so that they never feel alone, misunderstood, repressed, suppressed or even uninterested in learning.

As we bring forth this vision of a future reality, we will be commencing special programs that will enhance their abilities, gifts, adaptability in the world, self-esteem, emotional balance, spiritual embodiment in the world of form.

Our Philanthropy Mission

With your donations our mission is to:

  • Create new educational programs that develop and enhance Star Children’s spiritual abilities
  • Create youth summit
  • Online forums to connect like-minded souls
  • Free Retreats to give children and parents immersions into meditation, Yoga and Conscious parenting
  • Create a free academy of education, meditation and healing practises to help evolve the next generation
  • Reach Thousands of Star children to help support the next generation of leaders
For any further questions or support towards this noble cause please fill out below:
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