TwinRay Illuminations Public Charity
Founded by The TwinRay Union of Sananda and Shekinah

TwinRay Illuminations is a registered 501(c)3 Public Charity that has been founded to share the teachings of Spiritual Liberation freely with Humanity.

We are dedicated to the creation of philanthropic programs to support the welfare of Planet Earth, Orphaned Children and Starseed Youth, and also establish charitable projects to support endangered species such as the White Lions.

Through our Membership Portal and Online Mystery School of The Innerversity of Divine Perfection ( we are able to teach the Ancient spiritual sciences of Liberation and bridge them into the world once more as many people are thirsting for truth beyond the veils of human limitation. Currently, the charities hub is located in Southern California, where it is able to hold free Sacred Satsang (teachings), group meditations, group healing and Sacred Elixir ceremonies. 

Through public charity projects present and yet to come, such as Saving the White Lions, creating empowering Learning Programs for children, building a Golden Sanctuary for the enrichment of human life and the planet and many more conscious elevating projects. The core intention of TwinRay Illuminations is to serve as a vehicle to promote and contribute towards the betterment of Humanity and our Planet. 

We supremely thank and bless the many dear hearts that have been inquiring for quite some time now about how to donate and share from their heart in gratitude. All is now in alignment and the proper foundations have been laid and channels open with grace and love and thus we are ready to move forward and receive these financial and heart blessings from you.

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