Only 13 Left in the Wild
The White Lions a Global Heritage

The White Lions are a rare genetic phenomena from the Panthera Leo species and incarnate in only one place on earth – The Timbavati and Kruger regions of Africa. The white lion’s conservation importance is due to their native value to the Tsonga and Sepedi tribes and is supported by many other indigenous leaders around the world. The sad news is that after 6 decades of having their land stolen from them, they have been removed from their natural habitat, to this day nearly all White Lions are held captive in zoos and circuses worldwide. Lions and White Lions are under threat by commercial Lion Trophy hunters and been speed bread for “canned hunting”. Unfortunately, this inhumane business has not been banned in Africa thus far, and is still being practised today with many legal loopholes ensuring this unnecessary activity continues to be most profitable by those who in many ways do not find value in life and in all of God’s Creations. Due to this, currently, there are only 13 white lions in the wild and 300 in captivity. If these majestic beings become extinct, it has been prophesied by the African Bushman and the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties that the Earth and Humankind will suffer greatly.

When the keepers of one of the most essential meridians of the Earth are extinct, it is said by the ancient sages that it is then, when the door to great chaos upon the Earth will open and ensue.

The Lion Gate Connection

Through time immemorial, the ancient sages and mystics of the Mother land of Africa, recognised the Lion to be a sacred keeper of the ancient mysteries of the Earth and her children as well as a great holder of Truth and integrity for Humanity. It was believed that the Lions held an important key to the freedom of the animal Kingdom as a whole and an essential piece to the Liberation and destiny of the Earth herself.

On the night of August 8, 2018 the portal connecting into the mythical “Lion’s Gate” in the science of Astrology. Sananda and Shekinah both awakened at the same time from a very vivid dream. They both received a cosmic visitation from a very special group of platinum lit Leonine race of beings, along with a very important invitation to reclaim the Kingdom/Queendom of the pure-hearted ones and help save their liberated DNA from being extinct in the wild and on the planet. These Lions shared that their Earthbound Brothers and Sisters had come to assist the planet in its transformation, and keep the pristine nature of the Song Lines connecting to the Sphinx, to the Giza Pyramids and to certain parts of Africa, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and other secret domains within the Earth. It was at this time, where both Shekinah and Sananda were led together in the dream to initiate, as they had done in lifetimes past, The Great Lion of Judah for the Golden Age and with that, the secrets that the Lion has held for centuries. These ancient truths were only gifted to the High Adepts of the Mystery Schools in ancient Kemet, and the High Order of the Shamans of the Region. It is for this reason that this cosmic connection was received in dream time and how the call to sacred activism was Incepted.

The Legacy of the Mystical White Lion

In the ancient lands known as Timbavati, the Platinum Crown of the White Lion Kingdom/Queendom arrived upon the Earth. 400 Years ago, in the region of South Africa, the first White pigmented Lion prophesied eons ago by the wise sages and Shamans of the land, materialized with its bright white coat and its blazing aquamarine eyes as the representation of the perfected Feline DNA. The most precious jewel in the crown of the Lion Pride, the sacred white Lion is the Cosmic King and Queen of the Feline Founder races. These were in fact, the original hybrid of the zoomorphic pantheon that built ancient Kemet- Egypt, Africa and many civilizations and have been an integral energetic signature in human initiations into the great mysteries of the Universe.

The Myth and Mystery

Four Hundred years ago in a region of South Africa, there lived a great queen of an African Dynasty. This Powerful Queen reigned supreme for many years and soon became deathly sick and unable to be treated by conventional means. The High Shaman: medicine men and woman at the time, were unable to bring her relief. To her Queendom, she appeared aged as a  weakened woman with white hair after having been a very powerful leader, and was now quite ill with heart failure and challenged to walk alone.

Since Queen Numbi was Plagued and suffering from an illness which created swelling in her limbs and stomach and a prognosis of impending death, her Queendom prayed to the ancestors for guidance and healing.

To the people’s astonishment, there appeared a brilliant white light that descended from high in the sky. The star continued its descent and landed in a valley not far from the Queen’s home. They thought it must be a star from the heavens and set forth to follow the bright light. This mysterious light spread far and wide across the land. As they drew closer, the people heard a strange noise that sounded like beneath the blinding light, there was a humming that became stronger and louder upon approach.

The valiant queen exhibited great courage and drew nearer to the fallen star. Awaiting her was a platinum lit being which appeared to her to be God. Upon accepting the invitation to accompany this High Being, she told her servants that it is a Queen’s sovereign duty to accept the honor that such a High Being bestows. Soon after, she disappeared into the skies in a flash of light. It is said that in time, the Queen returned to rule her people having miraculously returned to full youth, health, vitality and came back from this journey blessed with Magickal powers.

This land of Timbavati became a sacred place where a great legacy was initiated. It was since this very night that the White Lions with Aqua blazing eyes, a very rare blessing, indeed have been born in the wild in Timbavati and ONLY in this most HOLY land.

Why we must act now

With 13 white lions left in the Wild and 300 White Lions left in captivity today, more than just the animal kingdom itself is endangered. For, when the keepers of one of the most essential meridians of the Earth are extinct, it is said by the ancient sages that it is then, when the door to great chaos upon the Earth will open and ensue. This energetic Song Line, known as the Nilotoc Meridian, acts as the Susumna or Spine of the Earth and is the only meridian of the planet that has remained unbroken by water. Not only does this have a profound significance in the physicality of the planet, but It’s spiritual significance is that of the Cosmic Cross itself and represents the Great Spirit of God/Source Crossing with the Material world. The African Shaman, medicine men/woman and oracles from Zimbabwe, Egypt and the mythical region at large, have been the keepers that share a deeply hidden secret. Buried within the Earth lies a multidimensional deep subterranean river that flows beneath the River Nile and is so named, the River of Gold. It is this point where this power line meets the Cosmic Cross, and one of the reasons that the Great Sphinx was thus erected. The Sphinx – Represents the Hall of Amenti and the keeper of great wisdom hidden within the paws of the watchful Lion Guardian.

Take Action for
the White Lion

Help us return the sacred land to the white lions by supporting global charities and trusts to implement strategies that safeguard the white lions future.

Acquire and Protect Land

In Africa, lions have been forced to survive on land that is only one-fifth of the size they occupied a few decades ago. If habitats shrink further, and the lion population continues to decline at the same rate, it is predicted that there will be no lions left in the wild in 20 years’ time. Rapid agricultural expansion and human population increase have resulted in our planet’s wildlife, especially its large predators, becoming second-class citizens.

Education and Security

Our Foundation and Public Charity is partnering with like-hearted people and organisations to restore abundance and security to the lion Kingdom/Queendom by supporting local education and protection programs that are directed towards the betterment and security of White Lions, supporting tracking systems that watch over the lion’s movements and whereabouts at all times, ensuring they are kept safe from those who wish to do these great protectors of the Earth and Humanity any harm and all other threats to their longevity and livelihood.

Maintain and Safeguard

Until we have the land and resources to create our own, there are several dedicated Lion Sanctuaries that we will be partnering with to help home rescued lions from captive-breeding and cub-petting facilities. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for these animals, as well as establish better security for them until the unnecessary and violent activities for the lion bone trade and trophy hunting is terminated through our unified call to action.

For any further questions or support towards this noble cause please fill out below:
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